Did you know that Funeral Directors in Ontario must be licensed through the Bereavement Authority of Ontario?

To become Funeral Directors, Krystal and Hannah completed an intense program through Humber College, which included courses on all aspects of funeral care. The variety of classes they took included jurisprudence, bio-science, restorative art, embalming, ethics, business, funeral arranging and much more. A large part of the program was the practical, hands on internship through local funeral establishments.

Once they completed their education with Humber College, the next step was to write an exam with the Bereavement Authority of Ontario to become licensed funeral directors.

Each year, Krystal and Hannah must further their education with required continuing education courses. These courses keep them up-to-date on the latest trends in funeral care and ensure that they are always well-prepared to look after the families that come to Essentials.

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