Dealing with the loss of a child.

Coping with the loss of a child. No matter how young or old they are, you never really expect to bury your own children. The death of one child, then, is often a deeply emotional loss that most parents on all levels struggle with. You may even experience [...]

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What is a green or natural burial?

What is a Green Burial? There is much debate among people as to what is a green burial? The answer is that it really depends on how you define the term. Natural burial is actually the burial of the deceased person in the earth in a way that [...]

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Saying Goodbye

A comforting space. Sometimes when someone dies, it can be sudden and unexpected. This leaves family members in shock, devastated and sometimes feeling guilty for not being able to express their words of comfort and love. At Essentials we encourage families to take an opportunity to say goodbye [...]

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Welcome to our little home.

Welcome to our little home. We are proud to provide valuable services and exceptional care to the families who seek out our help. What makes Essentials quite unique is our set up. Our space was prepared to be comforting, with the hope that it would reflect the care [...]

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Choosing an Executor

Choosing an executor is a crucial part of making sure that things will be taken care of when that time comes. An executor is someone that has full legal authority to make decisions on your behalf at the time of your passing. When choosing an executor you should [...]

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Infant Loss

Last night Chrissy Teigen shared the sad news that she and her husband, John Legend miscarried their baby, Jack. Both parents took to social media to share their heart breaking news and described the moment as shocking and one of the darkest days they've experienced. They also took [...]

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Supporting local business.

We have been honoured to help many families create a special and memorable goodbye for their loved one. Some have been as simple as inviting a gentleman to come in with his speakers and guitar to spend some time singing his favourite songs to his mom. Other ceremonies [...]

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2020 Hike For Hospice

We are so proud to be sponsoring the 2020 Hike for Hospice Niagara this October 3-17. Did you know that Hospice Niagara provides all program and services for free? They are regional leader in hospice palliative care, with a focus on improving the quality of life for people [...]

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Welcome Nicola to our family.

New family member! This week we have some exciting things to share! It is with great pleasure that we welcome Nicola to Essentials! A newly licensed funeral director, she started working with us on September 1st. She is gentle, kind and has a big heart, ready to help [...]

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Thinking about pre-arrangement?

Pre-arranged funeral services. Thinking to the future about pre-arranging or a loved one passing can be extremely overwhelming and emotional for anyone involved. It is a difficult decision to know how to take the first steps and to feel comfortable and safe with your choices. At Essentials, our [...]

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