Our Space For Your Family

Welcome to Essentials Cremation and Burial Services. We are very proud to have created a safe space that will allow our families to feel comfortable. Our atmosphere is inviting, peaceful and sure to make you feel at home. For ceremonies or gatherings, we will find the perfect off-site location to suite your comfort and financial needs. This can include churches, banquet halls, hotel facilities, outdoor venues, wineries and other special locations.

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A Warm Comforting Experience

Our warm and welcoming environment was prepared to provide comfort to our families in their time of need. We are always here if you want to talk (with coffee or tea), and will lend an open ear. Our space is a safe place for people to express their grief, reflect on their loved one’s life and feel supported. Our doors are open to everyone. We promise to serve each family with equality and integrity.

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Arrangement Suite

Our arrangement suite is a separate and private room for funeral arrangements to be discussed.

Throughout this space we offer a variety of merchandise and memorial keepsake options.

It is extremely important to us that families who sit and make arrangements in our facilities have the opportunity to make well informed decisions and feel absolutely no pressure. We want you to feel at ease and confident in the decisions you make.

Farewell Suite

This room is a peaceful place for loved ones to share a final goodbye, and it provides ample space filled with plenty of natural light. There is no additional charge for the use of this room.

Prior to cremation or burial occuring, we ask families (or a family representative) to take a moment and help us physically confirm the correct identification of their loved one. This will in turn give families the peace of mind knowing that their loved one is safe, well cared for, and it will eliminate any question of misidentification.

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