Essentials Burial Options

Professional Services
Coordination of activities, dispositions and professional guidance $300
Documentation – permits, forms, etc $250
Removal of remains $225
Basic preparation of remains $120
Graveside Guidance $60
Basic facilities usage $300
Facilities for preparation and shelter $150
Utility vehicle $100
Removal vehicle from place of death (within 35 km) $75
Vehicle to transport deceased’s remains to cemetery $50
Caskets starting at $950
Obituary Assistance
Obituary posted to Essentials website included
Assistance with composing or submitting obituary to newspapers included
After Care
Assistance with CPP benefit forms included
Cancellation of SIN, health cards, other memberships included
Rendering documentation on behalf of the family included


all taxes and fees included

*Visitations, ceremonies, stationary, and other
options are available at an additional cost.
Please see our price list or speak with one of our
Funeral Directors for more information.

Green Burials

We are proud to encourage a green (natural) end of life approach and offer a selectionof eco-friendly caskets and shrouds.

Environmentally-friendly caskets start from $500 and are manufactured without the use of toxic or non-biodegradable materials/chemicals.

“Going green is not only a choice and a way of living, it’s a beautiful legacy and a way we can care for our planet after our death.”

Krystal Riddell, Managing Funeral Director/Owner

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you and your family
with any arrangements
or answer any questions you may have.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us
– we are available 24/7.

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