Planning a Funeral Service

Family and friends getting together to honor a loved one’s life is one of the most important steps in the grieving and healing process. You may opt to have a traditional religious or military funeral service, or as more and more people are doing, you can choose to have a non-traditional ‘life celebration’.

Decisions need to be made about the location of the funeral, the choice of casket or urn and who the pallbearers should be. Another decision to make is who will be officiating the service. You can choose to have a minister (or other religious leader) or a celebrant officiate the service. The difference between a minister and a celebrant is a celebrant is non-denominational.

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Whatever you choose, some sort of service is expected from family and friends of the deceased.  We are here to help create a unique and memorable service that people will remember fondly for years to comeReach out to us today to discuss your need, we are here for you 24/7.

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We understand that, for most, cost is always a factor when comparing funeral homes.  We strongly believe that the quality and delivery of our services, along with our included extras and elegant gathering place, will provide your family with the best experience possible at a substantial savings.  Visit our location, or call us today and speak with Krystal to find out for yourself why more and more families are choosing Essentials during their time of need.

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Traditional Funeral Service

Nearly every religion has specific and meaningful traditions and customs around death.

From protocols for cleaning and dressing the body to features of the funeral service to memorial events, the structure that religion provides around dealing with a death both fulfills religious obligations and offers guidance to grieving survivors.

A funeral service is a formal farewell to the deceased. It’s often a religious and structured ceremony that may not allow much room for customization. Funerals usually take place before the burial or cremation, so the body of the deceased is usually always present.

If your family is seeking a tradtional religous ceremony, of any faith, we can help. We will organize the event, location and all details surrounding the service.

Celebration of Life

A warm goodbye and reflection of lifetime memories.

The celebration of life is also a way to say goodbye to a loved one, but instead of a formal ceremony, it’s a get-together with a more casual atmosphere. The celebration of life is less formal, structured, and doesn’t follow any religious rites and requirements.

A celebration of life helps people mourn but also encourages people to focus on the positive aspects of the life lived. Grieving loved ones speak about their experiences and memories of their loved one, console each other, and just spend time sharing their grief. The environment is relaxed and the memorialization is personal. As the name implies, people spend their time celebrating a life instead of mourning a death. Unlike a traditional funeral, the celebration of life ceremony can be held weeks and even months after the loved one has passed away.

A Celebration of Life can take place virtually anywhere at anytime, from the very simple, to very lavish including locations such as churches, banquet halls, cemeteries, wineries, hotel facilities, golf clubs, museums and parks. The possibilities are endless and the cost can range from no charge, to there being a venue fee (depending on location, food etc).

Does this style of funeral interest you? Contact Krystal at Essentials to discuss the many options for a Celebration of Life for your loved one.

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