In Loving Memory of

Albert Hylkema

1941 - 2023

Obituary of Albert Hylkema

In loving memory of Albert Hylkema. He was born April 3rd, 1941 and passed away February 10th, 2023 in Niagara Falls. He is survived by his six children: Jesse, Cody, Heith, Shannon, John and Sandy. Our best memories are of dad and his love of music, playing his guitar and singing. I think he thought he was Elvis! You were the best father! We love you Dad.

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1 year ago

He wasn’t my dad but he called me his daughter…I’ll never forget you Al.
I’m so glad I kept in touch with you. We enjoyed our visits. Always lots of laughs and reminiscing. Im glad I got to know the crazy man my Mom fell in love with. Don’t forget your promise say Hi to my Mom💖💔

Shannon Hylkema.
1 year ago

Reading these few messages is so heartwarming. I never knew my dad had a brother. I knew he lost a sibling at a young age before he moved to Canada. I never met Anne, but remember Janey, Heith and I visited a bunch as kids. She called Heith Little Heathen”, lol. Love her. Lol I’m using this more as a message board. “Happy Hylkema” so cute,

Last edited 1 year ago by Shannon Hylkema.
Joanna Van Dun ( Broere )
1 year ago

My deepest condolences to the entire family.
Alberts dad and mom were very close friends of my parents and they were such generous, loving people. Alberts dad used to work at Shepherds Boats with my dad .
Albert had 2 sisters and a brother. His youngest sister was a very good friend of mine and his younger brother was a great friend of my brother , Ed.
I remember Albert as a very outgoing, energetic teenager and his nickname was “ Happy Hylkema .”
His classmates all called him Happy.
When his parents moved to the USA we stayed in communication for a few years but as we all grew up, married, had families of our own, we did not stay in touch. It’s sad that this had to happen.
Anyway, it’s sad to know that this outgoing, happy go lucky man is no longer with us.

Johanna Van Dun – Broere

Harry Huizer
1 year ago

I knew his parents well in NOTL. They were best friends of my parents and lived across the road from us. He had a brother and 2 sisters. We lost track of his parents after they moved to the States. He was quite a wild youth back then.
My condolences to his family.

1 year ago

I remember in grade 5, he had a PA with an Amp bigger than me, we would beg him to sing and play for us, Johnny Be Good by Chuck Berry and Karma Chameleon by Culture Club. Sooooo loud. But so great.
Gonna miss my dad. He was stronger somehow than Elvis, But still a king and my hero forever.


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