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William Gordon Goss


Obituary of William Gordon Goss

William Gordon Goss
June 28th 1946 - March 2nd 2022

Billie, as he was affectionately referred to by his mother and close friends, lived with bright eyes and a mischievous grin. Selfless by nature - always willing to help others, sacrifice himself for the benefit of people he cared about and strangers who needed it. He was a loving son, warmhearted brother, devoted father, grandfather, caring friend and a stubborn mule to those who knew him best.

The heavens are lucky as Wild Bill has been called back home. As we say our goodbyes with tears in our eyes and ache in our hearts, Bill is being welcomed with joy and celebration by the people he missed and those who have missed him.

Bill is predeceased by his father John Franklin (Jack) Goss (1955) & his adoring mother Muriel Pearl Dodridge (Lamontagne)(2009), and he is survived by his loving partner Lynn, influential uncle Ross Dodridge (Marie), siblings Terry Goss (Jana), Beverly Stirling (David), Ronald Goss (Leo), Calvin Goss (Marlene) Step siblings Rachelle Doucette, Karen Bates (Kevin) & Michael Lamontagne (Pam), and his fortunate children Alan Goss, Amber Randolph (Tim) & Adam Goss (Naomi) and adored grandchildren Tres, Ransom and Parker.

Bill would want to acknowledge his extended family, cousins, nieces & nephews, and Lowbanks neighbours - friends Ray, Melanie, Dave, Sharon, Linda, John, Marcella, Joanne, Karen, Jim, the Dainer crew and countless others who shared time with him.

On June 28th 1946, 3:30pm, Dr. J.E. Dowd delivered baby William at the Welland hospital. With a fair complexion and light blue eyes, Billie had arrived. His first visitors were Grandma & Grandpa Dodridge, Mrs. Moote & Aunt Rhoda, and Grandma & Grandpa Goss.

His upbringing on the farm at Forkes Road shaped his outlook on life and his work ethic. Bill worked hard to provide for his family and had many jobs in his career: Farmer, Milkman delivering on a horse and carriage, Welder, and Forklift Driver at John Deere. He enjoyed sharing his favourite work stories, mostly from the dairy. He would regale listeners with tales about his horse ‘Jack’ who knew his milk route so well that he would make the deliveries without a driver. (Okay, I guess it wasn’t Bill that was the hardworking one!) His time with the horses at the dairy must have had an effect on Bill, because when he lived in Effingham he acquired a horse of his own and named him ‘King’.

Bill had many hobbies, including his first love, baseball. He idolized his Dad and took pride in talking about how Jack was scouted by the Brooklyn Dodgers, and loved talking about the legend of Jack completing an unassisted triple play. Bill had his own baseball prowess: He was a dedicated softball player - ‘Greyhound’ was his nickname - and he played in several leagues. A personal highlight for him was when he won a championship with his team that he shared with his brothers Terry and Calvin and nephews Terry and Jack, the ‘Raiders’. Bill also competed at various fork lift competitions and did quite well. Above all this, Bill was most proud of his children - that's why he gave them all ‘A’s.

Bill came into this world as a 7lb 4oz being, and he left on his own terms, with friends that loved him, siblings that adored him, children that respected him and grandchildren who will remember him. He was surrounded by people he loved, and who were thankful to give it back to him. Thank you Bill, the world is a much happier place because you were a part of it.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you share your fond memories about Billie.

There will be a private graveside gathering on April 22nd at Hillside cemetery at 2pm. Family and close friends are welcome. There will also be a celebration on June 25th for all that cared for Bill. Location and time is undecided. If you would like to attend, please contact his family.

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John and Marcella
1 year ago

It’s nice to have neighbours you can count count on and also count as friends.  We were blessed to have Bill and Lynn as nextdoor neighbors in Lowbanks.  As friends we enjoyed euchre games and  community centre events.  The boys enjoyed watching ball games and the price is right. A favorite pastime was sitting on the front porch enjoying the view and eachother’s company. Bill would share many stories. We would watch Maggie perform amazing feats, trained by Bill.

We were away from home quite often and Bill took great care of our place. Visions of Bill on his lawnmower are seared in our memories. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lynn and his family.  Rest is peace Bill. We will miss you.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”  John 3:16

Tracy Culp (nee Yager)
1 year ago

Condolences to all of Bill’s family and friends. Many fond memories of summers spent with Bill and his gang. Attending baseball games with our parents we became one big family. Remember that he loved playing horse shoes, lawn darts, air hockey, camping at Bissells and his house at the lake. If Bill was there it was going to be fun. Bill was the first person I ever met with a tattoo and I knew then that he lived life on his own terms.

Diane Penley
1 year ago

Thinking of you at this tender time

James Lane
1 year ago

A truly moving obit. All of the best to the family from me, and brother Greg. I am truly sorry for your loss.

In loving memory ...
I/we pledge to make a memorial donation.
Shirley (Horton) Davison
1 year ago

Bill and I went to school together. He was always smiling and a happy person to be around. I am so sorry for your loss but am happy to know he was so loved.

Randy Falcioni
1 year ago

I worked with Bill for many years at Deere. Not a nicer individual to be had. Always smiling and wondering what mischief we could get into. And yes, he loved his baseball. I played Senior ball in welland and one night hit a homerun in a game. First one to greet and congratulate me after the game was Billy who took the time to come watch me play. Rest now Billy. Your memories will live on.

Bill Chernish
1 year ago

My condolences to the Goss family. As a young child I used to help Bill then Calvin on the Sunnyside Dairy horse and wagon collecting empty milk jugs in our Elmwood School area. My reward was a half pint of chocolate milk! Both true gentlemen that I knew for a brief time but that I have fondly told my friends and family about delivering milk on a horse and buggy with for years. Rest in peace, Bill.

Ross and Marie Dodridge
1 year ago

Our condolences to Lynn and all the Goss family on the passing of Bill. He was a friend and loved nephew.

In loving memory ...
I/we pledge to make a memorial donation.
Wayne and Patti Gray
1 year ago

So sorry for your loss. We remember visiting with Bill at Dad and Jean’s.

Steve, Jennifer, Seth, Nate Eager
1 year ago

Sending much love to the Goss family.
Forever Blue Jay fans ⚾️ for Bill & Lynn (Mom).
God bless you all. 🙏

Shirley & Norm Cohen
1 year ago

Terry, Jana and family, we are sending our heartfelt sympathy to all. The words about Bill beautifully reflect one amazing and loving person. It must have been a true joy to know and love him. May you all find strength and comfort in a multitude of wonderful memories.

Connie Gonyou
1 year ago

Thoughts and prayers to Calvin and Marlene, and the entire family🙏

Jen Shirton (nee Sawyers)
1 year ago

Although I don’t think we have ever met, my family knows Billy through Ray & Mel and the gang on Gull Line. When our son – who is now 20, was small, Billy used to join us on hockey roadtrips! We thought that was so sweet of him to come along! He would be the official ‘french fry tester’ at EVERY arena! 🙂 What a caring man! Our condolences to you all.

Linda Deveney
1 year ago

Al Parker Lynn Adam and Families. I love the write about Bill he was such an amazing. Man. Know That you are All in Our thoughts an prayers during this difficult time. Cherish,your memories. There are many. Love Linda Jason Dezeray And Eric


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