Have you ever considered scattering cremated remains as a final disposition for your loved one’s ashes?

Yesterday we had a beautiful graveside memorial at Fairview Cemetery.

Did you know that some cemeteries have sections designated for scattering cremated remains, naturally allowing them to rest directly in, or on the earth?

At Fairview Cemetery, they have a couple of locations with in the Remembrance Garden and the Memorial Woods. Names are commemorated by being engraved on a plate and placed on a stone. The grounds are well cared for and maintained by the cemetery team at Niagara Falls Cemetery Services.

Today we find many families choosing to scatter as a final disposition for their loved one’s remains. Some select alternative locations (guided by local by-laws), and some choose cemetery spaces.

Some benefits of using a cemetery space would include; having your loved one’s final place of rest registered, which will assist in locating the exact spot in the future. It can provide information and assist future family members who may wish to track family genealogy. There will always be a consistent place for family and friends to go and visit (compared to private property being sold, and limiting or even prohibiting access to that space in the future).

Scattering in a cemetery is another cost effective and dignified option.

Visit here to learn more about cremations.

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