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Ruth McNab

1936 - 2022

Obituary of Ruth McNab

Died suddenly in her home on May 18, 2022 at age 85. Vibrant, funny, uncompromising, impatient. She was a force to be reckoned with disguised as a sweet little old lady. A social dragonfly, not butterfly; Ruth was iridescent. She hovered and landed instead of flitting from place to place.

She was the life of every party – to be expected from a New Year’s Eve baby (born Dec. 31, 1936). Her photo (posing with a family friend), snapped at our Christmas dinner party in 2021, captures her essence perfectly. Ruth loved to hold court and regale people with stories from her interesting life. (A young family friend once gifted her a wine glass emblazoned with “Queen of Everything”. It suited her perfectly.) She enjoyed friends, conversation, white wine, cigarettes, and “outings” to the casino. She was a competitive bridge player who played with the bridge club in St. Catharines for many years. Predeceased by her twin daughters, Heather and Deirdre (Dee), she grieved them quietly while keeping their memories alive through stories she shared from the past. Family life, vacations, Catholic school, the ski cabin – she spoke of these happy times to share them with her youngest granddaughter Jessica, who was her housemate for the past six years.

Ruth has left a huge empty space in our lives. It is surreal without her constant presence on the couch, CNN blaring while she surfed on her tablet and waited to call us downstairs to watch Jeopardy. She is missed by her family and her legion of friends. Ruth’s ashes will be interred with her daughters without ceremony and her life will be celebrated with a party later this summer, as per her wishes.

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Susan Houston
1 year ago

Dearest Les,
I am so saddened to learn of your loss and the landslide of your family foundation.
I think of how your life full circled to bring you back in alignment with your Mom to share the time offered.
My condolences to all of you. Hold closely her essence.
Love, Sue Houston

Jennifer wing
1 year ago

Condolences to my lil sister Jessica and Leslie ❤️❤️ With Ruth around there was never a dull moment and the house was never silent cause I could alway here the tv from any part of the house 🙂 she was always soo happy that I helped Jessica get some things done for the both of them ❤️
She was always in great spirit and we will remember her always ❤️❤️

1 year ago

She was gone sooner than I expected and my heart hurts knowing I won’t get to talk to her again, but I’ll always appreciate all the great memories we made and I’m happy to have gotten to call her nana❤️ Sending lots of love to you guys. Rest In Peace Nana.

Davina & David Hempsall
1 year ago

Our Dear Leslie. Our heart felt condolences to you. Your Mother was someone we enjoyed for the short period of time she was in our lives. Ruth always made the best out of any situation. She adored you and was so proud of all your accomplishments. Losing ones Mother is a very painful loss. You are truly a wonderful legacy she has left behind.
Davina and David Hempsall

Mandy Cook
1 year ago

Oh Leslie. My darling Missus, I am so sorry to hear of the massive loss of your mom. There are no words to express the pain. Richard and I are sending all of our love at this very difficult time in your life. Love you.

Maryann Coburn
1 year ago

Thinking of Jessica and the family at this sad time. Big hugs going out to all that knew her. She will live on in spirit💔

1 year ago

Waves of love and hugs to Leslie and Jessica on the loss of Ruth.

1 year ago

Deepest condolences Leslie and to all of Ruth’s friends and family..


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