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1935 - 2022

Obituary of Robert "Bob" Hogg

Peacefully at the Eventide Home in Niagara Falls on September 17, 2021; Bob Hogg passed away after contracting Covid-19 aged 85.

The husband of the late Annette Hogg, who sadly passed away on May 21, 2021 and the father of the late Gary. Bob is survived by his two grandchildren – Jeffrey and Lyndsey-Anne.

Bob, or Robert Tait Nicol Hogg, to give him his full title was born in Scotland and was one of 13 children – and of whom only two brothers, Andrew and Alex, still survive. After a humble upbringing along with his peers, enjoyed his younger days at Cairnie Farm on the south side of Edinburgh and it was from this background that Bob qualified as a farrier – or to give his trade a more common name – as a blacksmith.
However, this was not what Bob had in mind and his desire was to travel further afield in search of another career – and so in the 1960’s Bob, having met Annette, decided to embark on what was at that time, an epic journey, to start a new life in Canada. Pretty much unheard of in these times – and certainly a first for anybody within the Hogg family!
Within a few years along came their only son, Gary, who was born in 1961 – and in doing so became the only “Canadian Hogg” – but sadly after suffering a heart attack at the age of 54 became the greatest loss that Bob and Annette had to endure.

Bob will be remembered for his love of driving – both as a long distance Greyhound bus driver and with the Toronto Transit Company (TTC). Bob loved to recall the stories of whom he met on his long distance travels, which of course took him away from home for days at a time and when with the TTC would revel in his recollections of dealing with buses, subway cars and trolley buses which constantly jumped off their rails -much to his annoyance – and of the “nutters” he encountered on a daily basis! He had another great love of driving – on the golf course! For many years he would participate in his beloved sport and did so right up until just a few years ago when all the walking involved became just that little bit too much for him. His love of sport, and particular football (or soccer as it is known in Canada!) kept him occupied from his favourite chair – and he always took a keen interest on what was happening to teams back in his beloved Scotland – and in particular the Edinburgh team of Hibs.

He made a few trips back to Scotland over the years – as well as visiting many places in the States and beyond with Annette – and did in fact move back to Scotland for a short period, but only to return to Canada where his heart clearly laid. Whilst his latter days were spent in Niagara Falls, where he was cared for by his and Annette’s loyal friend, Michelle McCarthy, he spent many years in Toronto, as well as Mississauga, North Bay, Innisfil and latterly in Barrie.

Over the years, many of his family would visit him and Annette in Canada – starting with his nephew David making the first “Hogg trip” back in 1976 when he was still just 20 and with whom both he and Annette would form a special bond right up to the end. Many more were to follow with their families – brothers Alex, George, Tony, Bill, sister Ella and his niece Valerie – plus other nieces and nephews too numerous to mention.

It's akin to the end of an era and Bob will undoubtedly be missed by everyone whom he came in contact with, and none more so than Michelle who done so much for them both in their latter days and is a true unsung hero.

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