Pre-Planning Funeral Arrangements

We are always pleased to assist families with completing their funeral pre-arrangements. Whether you have just started your pre-planning discussion, or it’s something you have had many discussions on, it never hurts to have your plans recorded down on paper.

You can pre-plan your final wishes and you don’t have to pay for that (unless you want to!). Though, there are benefits of prepaying for services in advance, the greater gift is simply communicating your wishes and having them written or recorded down for your executor or next of kin.

Our website offers an easy and detailed pre-arrangement form, where you can answer questions and fill in necessary information, ultimately for you to print and keep with your important paperwork (like with your Will).

Give us a call or send us a message, we’d be pleased to arrange a get together and discuss your plans. We will honour those arrangements, and ensure every family is taken care of.