What is a Green Burial?

There is much debate among people as to what is a green burial? The answer is that it really depends on how you define the term.

Natural burial is actually the burial of the deceased person in the earth in a way that does not restrict decomposition but still allows the body to be easily naturally recycled after death. It’s an alternative to traditional funeral services and more modern funeral rituals. There are other types of burial as well, including those that use a casket made of Styrofoam and other materials that can be composted and some that use an open casket. This type of burial is environmentally friendly, though not all the materials used are recycled.

natural burial

Green burial is really about recycling. This is done by arranging for a green burial at the cemetery or a memorial service. Many families choose to have a casket that contains materials that were not used during the burial. This may include wood from the trees where the deceased lived and plants from the garden in which they grew up.

A green burial doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a whole new funeral. The casket is just a container for the remains. The burial is an elaborate ceremony where family members and friends take turns reading eulogies, laying flowers and lighting candles to memorialize the deceased. You don’t even have to do the actual burial.

Another popular form of a natural burial is a scattering of flower petals at the burial site. The family then uses the plants to plant around the house or in the yard to make a beautiful display. The scattering is a memorial service that keeps the deceased around for the rest of his/her life. Many churches host a scattering ceremony during the service.

Many memorial services will also incorporate elements that are green into the ceremony itself. A green casket is the most common. Green burial is also sometimes called “green” cremation because you are allowing nature to carry the deceased away. The deceased is simply cremated and is buried in his/her favorite spot or in the garden. If the family prefers to have a casket, they may decorate the casket using a blend of green and white so that it blends into the surroundings.

Green burial has become more popular recently because many people are concerned about the environment. It’s not only less expensive than regular cremation, it also involves less energy.

If you’re undecided about whether or not you would like to have a green burial, you should consider researching the different options available to you. You may also want to take some time to think about what type of funeral you want.

If you decide to have a green burial, don’t be surprised if your family is a little resistant at first. You need to spend some time communicating with your loved one to make sure they understand the importance of the green option. Most people are more open than they would expect.

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