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Michael P. Wegelin “Mikey”


Obituary of Michael P. Wegelin “Mikey”

Dear Mikey,
Already a year has past. You are sadly missed by so many family and friends. We all have some wonderful memories to keep us going like that beautiful smile, infectious giggle, and the puns… Oh the puns!
You are my everything and not a day goes by that I do not miss you. You are the love of my life and best friend.
Remembering you forever and always,

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Daniel Corfield
1 year ago

It is with sadness in my heart, that l write this note to share with the family and friends of Mike.
My career took me away from Niagara Falls On where l first met Mikey ( yes we called him Mikey ) and his older brother Ken at the YMCA on Fourth Ave in 1977.
We trained Mon, Wed and Friday in the upstairs gym and became instant friends. Mikey was a kind, honest and hard working young man with an infectious smile. We trained together for three years and Mike loved to play one of his favourite groups, Genesis on the radio there.
On Saturdays he was working and sweating it out in the shop at his Family’s: Mallouk’s Candy Kitchen (sp?), making chocolates and candy treats.
I lost touch with Mike and sadly, after returning to Ontario and looking to re connect with a few special friends, l learned that Mike had passed away.
Life is unfair and way too short.
Mike made this world a much much better place !
Attached is a few pictures of us at the gym..l will treasure them.
[email protected]

Kenneth Bedard
2 years ago

Miss seeing your smiling face when I go into Jack Dow Auto. You were a great help to me when I was a driver there. When I couldn’t find a part you always helped me locate it. Moe & I thoughts and prayers are with you Laura

2 years ago

Mikey and you were the cutest couple I have ever met. You were more than best friends, you were soulmates. I remember the day you told me you had gotten together. There was so much love between you and respect and laughter and everything that is good in a relationship. I know he is so proud of how you have handled this very tough year especially during a pandemic. I too am so proud of you. Hold tight to your beautiful memories. Xo


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