Melaina Gava Barkhouse

Professional Photo of Melaina

Melaina Gava Barkhouse

Position: Co-Founder and Team Support
Categories: Team

Through her young life, Melaina grew up in Chippawa. She was raised in a family of seven; Phildean and Sergio Gava were the parents of five, David, Melaina, Andrea, Rick and Steven. Her time is spent with her husband Gary Barkhouse and being a mother of three; Krystal (David) Riddell, Brittany Rea (Ada) and Xandinn Barkhouse.

Melania is also very proud of her title “Nonna” to William, Alex, Desmond, Dean and Emmy. Melaina contributes her experience to planning, marketing and day to day operations of Essentials. You will find her friendly smile as sometimes she provides assistance as a receptionist, and also assists Krystal and the team during funerals and memorial services.

It is with great pleasure she joins her daughter, Krystal in starting our own family business.

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