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Obituary of Max Foster

It is with great sadness, but with admiration for a life well lived that we announce the passing of our sweet father Max Foster on April 18, 2021. Admired father to Mike Foster, Leslie Foster (Jim), Steve Foster (Patty), Jackie Foster (Alexis), Paula Foster (Sam), Melissa D'Orsay (James) Jeni Foster, (Darren), Angie Foster (Patrick), and Kelly Foster. Predeceased by his former wife Jeannie Poyntz, his siblings, Joan, Mary, Diane, Jack, Gord, and Roy.

His greatest role was that of Papa Max to 17 grandkids and one great-grandson. He loved and cherished time spent with them, spoiling them with bags of candy he " found in the ditch" on his way to visit. Not one birthday passed without a call from Dad, and his rendition of Happy Birthday in its entirety. Dad lived his life with love and passion. Max was a good brother, a great father, and an even better grandfather. He was a devoted Leafs fan and a passionate golfer who appreciated a good Manhattan when properly prepared.

Max was a loyal friend, an enthusiastic storyteller, and a true gentleman. Everywhere Dad went, laughter was sure to follow, his cheerful disposition was infectious and he loved to make people laugh. He will be missed but not forgotten. Life is like a round of golf With many a turn & twist But the game is much too short to curse the shots you've missed.

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