In Loving Memory of

Marlene Lorraine Recalis

1954 - 2018

Obituary of Marlene Lorraine Recalis

Donations would be appreciated in memory of Marlene, to the Niagara Health Foundation allocated to the Walker Family Cancer Centre or the Pallative and Long Term Care:

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Joan Blakney
4 years ago

We offer our deepest condolences to Tom, Melissa and Ryan for the loss of your beautiful wife, mother and grandmother.

Marlene was a great person, a wonderful friend who I would look forward to talking to anytime. I am grateful that Marlene chose to be my friend.

As I walk my journey through life, if ever I am asked to what courage means to me, I will always tell them of my dear, dear friend Marlene whose strength inspired me.

May the memoires of Marlene in happier times sustain you through your sadness and may those memories help her grandchildren to remember her always.

Sincerely, Joan and Patrick Blakney


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Niagara Health Foundation
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