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Obituary of Larry "Odie" Townsend

TOWNSEND, Larry “Odie” 1955-2022

We are heartbroken to announce the sudden passing of Larry “Odie” Townsend at the Welland Hospital on February 6, 2022. Best friend and soulmate to Cindy (nee Dumont). Dear father of Gregory Butosi. He will be sadly missed by his brothers; Gary (Judy), Wayne (Patricia) and Ray (Barb). Predeceased by his parents Earl and Jessie (nee Wilson) Townsend and his brother Stuart Townsend.
Larry, AKA “Odie” came from a musical family. He was born in Wiarton, Ontario and lived in Guelph where his music career started. He would later move to the Niagara Peninsula after touring for 20 years.
His musical career spanned over 50 years performing across Canada & the United States. Larry spent two years in Florida performing off broadway in productions such as “The Wiz” and “Fiddler on the Roof”. Also, performing nightly shows at Beetoven’s with True Reflections. His touring allowed him to meet celebrities along the way and loved telling the stories behind each one.
With his amazing keyboarding along with his strong vocal talent Larry performed everything from Classic Rock, Disco and 50’s. He played with such bands as Mike Laymen, All In One Breath, True Reflections, Hourglass, Forum, The Boys, Spellbound, Sneak Preview, Assorted Nuts, Lock 8, Sheer Impact, Johnny and the Cruisers, Waterline, 50’s In Colour, Borderline and Soul 69 (I am sure there were more that I missed). His love for music shone on stage with every performance he made captivating his audiences and he will continue to shine through those who will fondly remember him.
Odie touched the hearts of all who knew him. He was a humble man, had a great sense of humor, good with a joke or two (even though some of them were bad) and was always down for a good meal. Most would say his eyes lit up when he smiled (thus his childhood nickname “Smiler) and he had a hearty laugh. He was kind and empathetic with a heart of gold. Family and friends were very important to Odie and he always enjoyed his leisure time (when he had it) with both.
Our thanks, love and appreciation go out to his musician brothers and sisters for their outpouring of love and even though he may be gone they will remain family. To our friends, old and new alike and his co-workers at CTFS, thank you for your warm words. Our hearts are very touched and overflowing. We the Townsend family wish to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Welland County Hospital ICU staff. Many thanks to Dr. McCar, Lee (Larry’s nurse) for their dedication, compassion, and empathy. You fought right along with Larry and it will never be forgotten. You will be forever in our hearts.

In keeping with Larry’s wishes, cremation has taken place. A Celebration of Life will take place at a later date. As an expression of sympathy, donations to the Hospital for Sick Children would be appreciated by the family.

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Jack Kelly
1 year ago

Thinking of all of you. The Kelly Clan

Pete Methner
1 year ago

I met Larry when he played with Form at the fallaway hotel and they became the House band there. Larry and I would spend time after he played talking about different bands and places he played. I was always interested to hear his next story. I often wondered where he ventured off to following the 80’s. I will always remember him as a true gentleman and friendly guy. RIP Larry, your music will live on.

Julie ONeal
1 year ago

My deepest condolences to you Cindy and family. I will miss seeing Larry at Freshco. Always a pleasure to talk with him. My thoughts are with you.

Kevin McCullough and Judy Reece
1 year ago

Larry (Odie) was an incredible singer and musician.. matched with a kind heart, infectious optimism, wit, incredible sense of humour..and a smile that could light a room..I’m honoured to have been able to play along side him ..he was a great person and will be greatly missed by many.

In loving memory ...
I/we pledge to make a memorial donation.
David Horton
1 year ago

Sincere condolences to Cindy and family…from one of Odie’s many, many road musician friends.

1 year ago

37 years ago I met this wonderful kind man that could light up a room with his smile..we became good friends. I will miss him checking in. That’s the kind of man he was. Would just check in and make sure all was good..Cindy the love he had for you was beautiful. His eyes would beam talking about you. My condolences to you and the family. R.I.P. Odie🙏

Mark LaBelle, Kenora, Ont.
1 year ago

I’m sending my condolences to the family. Larry and I played in our first band together in Guelph Ontario. Larry was 15 I was 13. Larry played the drums and even though I was the keyboard player Larry would fiddle on the keys as well. I was amazed how good he was even back then. The first tune we learned was Hey Joe. We both remembered that. I remember how we both talked about his keytar and how in the 70s I used to carry a large keyboard Around my neck before it was in fashion. He told me that the only reason I could do it was because of my large size. We laughed. The last time I talk to Larry was when his mom died and we talked about her and music and the joys of being in our 60s and still rocking at our progressive ages. We both agreed we were never too old to rock ‘n’ roll. I remember promising him the next time I came back to southern Ontario I would make the trip to come and see him. What a reunion that would’ve been, we hadn’t seen each other for over 50 years although we kept up with each other on the Internet. I Will miss you Larry. I will think of you every time I see a keytar and Anytime I think of my youth. I have enclosed photos of our first band taken from an 8 mm film my dad shot on our pool deck in Guelph in 1971. Rest In Peace, Larry.

1 year ago

I met Odie as a teenager and was one of his band”s followers when he played with Pat, Rich, and Rick I was shocked and heartbroken to hear of his passing. To his family my deepest condolences. May you rest peacefully and play forever with the angels. You will truly be missed.

1 year ago

So sad to hear about Odie. Our sypmathies.

Sal Piccirillo
1 year ago

Our family sends prayers and love to Cindy and family, Odie was my breakfast buddy, session man(extraordinaire) and a brother for 41 yrs. His laugh, his input, His guidance, will be missed and felt for years.🌹🙏🎹

Suzanne O
1 year ago

My heart goes out to Cindy, and all the family at this time. Odie was a ray of light, a beautiful musician, and a friend with whom you could just pick up wherever you left off. I was so glad to get to play music with him, and he was truly joyful when he was performing. He was a unique character, in the best way possible. I’m happy to have known both he and Cindy all these years, and I will probably always be in disbelief that this incredible person is not with us anymore. He certainly had a smile at every turn, and I always admired that about him. Much Love to Cindy, Greg, Craig. I was very lucky to know Odie – and so glad that music is what introduced us.

Dave Minor
1 year ago

Larry was truly one of a kind and I am blessed to have shared many conversations with him over the years. I’ll miss his unique perspective on life and seeing him around the office. Cindy, my thoughts remain with you and your family in the weeks to come. I hope you find comfort in the support of many lives Larry has touched.

Murielle Cloutier
1 year ago

My sincere condolences to the family. It was a pleasure to know Larry as he was a genuine nice guy. Always had a smile or two for anyone that crossed his path. I had the pleasure to work with him he will be truly missed. May God help you through your healing.

Rae Ann Taylor
1 year ago

So sorry for your loss. My sincerest condolences

Mike Fleming
1 year ago

My sincere condolences. Great guy and world class talent.

Sue Sutherland
1 year ago

The world has one less kind soul. Sincere condolences Cindy and Family. Larry will be greatly missed.

Wendy and John Markiv
1 year ago

Will always remember Odiie on the keyboards,his warm smile ,and his love for Cindy❤️🎹

Becky Sardella Brown
1 year ago

My condolences to Cindy and family. I worked with Larry for many years in PDG. He always greeted me with “Hi Miss Becky”. He was a good man with a kind heart. He will be missed by all.

Paula Gamsby
1 year ago

My sincere condolences to the family

Gray McCoy
1 year ago

My condolonces to the Townsend family. Odie was one of the first friends I made when I moved to the region while working at Nucomm, we both had a strong passion for music and talked about it alot. I hadn’t seen him in years but we did chat on fb when we could. Thank you Odie for that memory and your friendship. I have a memory from a Sheer Impact show when I walked into the bar and him saying ok Grays here the party can start now, was like thanks bud no pressure at all. R.I.P my friend

Don Wilk (Don Wolf)
1 year ago

He will be missed by many.

So many fond and fun memories in Guelph and on the road with all our musician friends from All In One Breath and Farmer.

Gone too early Larry….RIP brother 🙏 😢

Last edited 1 year ago by Don Wilk (Don Wolf)
Margaret (Byers) Downes
1 year ago

Larry was my youngest Cousin, gone way too soon!Although long distances and busy times separated us over the years, I have fond memories from our childhood years in Wiarton, at the cottages, and in Guelph. Larry was a bit of a “wild card” as a little fellow or a “handful” my Mom, Reta (Wilson) Byers would say, but he always added fun to a visit. On the little family doghouse sign in the kitchen, Larry was often in it. I can still hear the music coming from Aunt Jessie’s basement when we were visiting in Guelph and the house was rocking. My Dad asked Aunt Jessie how she stood it? She answered, “Never mind, Bernie, I know where the boys are and who they are with and what they are doing>”. So true. Nevertheless, there was a padlock on the freezer. I remember. Sending Hugs and deepest sympathy to Cindy and all the Family. Larry will leave a big hole in the hearts of all. May he play with the Angels forever.

In loving memory ...
I/we pledge to make a memorial donation.
Robin McLean
1 year ago

I knew him as “Odie” before I knew him as Larry…when he played with Forum…so many years ago. Such a wonderful talent and solid guy. My thoughts and condolences to family and friends.

Derek & Holly Moore
1 year ago

Odie was literally one of the kindest souls anyone could meet. He was a nice as he was musically gifted and I can’t think of a single person that did not like and respect him. He was true bright light and example of how an attitude and an outlook can achieve so much. Odie will be missed by so many, and it’s surreal he won’t be here to share a story and a chuckle. He was the best.

In loving memory ...
I/we pledge to make a memorial donation.
Barbara Ray
1 year ago

Brian and I are so sorry for your loss. My little cousin, gone too soon .great talent, great smile, a good friend to all.. praying for your strength Cindy and family. 💔💖💌

Steve O
1 year ago

Taken way too soon…my condolences to all family and friends….Odie lit up the room whenever he entered..and lit up my spirit as well everytime I encountered him or played with him….Godspeed buddy…

In loving memory ...
I/we pledge to make a memorial donation.


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