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Our Joshua, the boy we could never hold down, is now onto a new adventure after tragically passing away in a motorcycle accident on Saturday, August 6th, 2022, weeks before his 25th birthday. Josh will be forever loved by his parents, his mom Barbara (Vince Nero) and by his father Terry (Shannon Terryberry). As a middle child, Josh loved his older and younger brother, Justin (Emma Michienzi) and Brock. They recall many adventurous childhood memories, like when Justin talked Josh into climbing a tall tree in the yard and once Josh got to the top he accidentally fell and hit every branch on the way down; all to jump up and say, “Man that was awesome!” One of Brock’s favourite memories with his brother was running through Ball’s Falls playing manhunt. He will also be missed by his stepsiblings, Lexus and Logan Gale. Josh was so excited to become an uncle to Jaxon and Jacob; he was proud to be an uncle to his nephews.

Joshua will be deeply missed by his grandparents and his great-grandfather; “Nannie Corbett” Barbara Jean Corbett, Grandma Valorie and Gramp Larry Smith, and great-grandfather William Walter Claus. Josh will always be remembered by his aunts and uncles, many cousins and by his wonderful girlfriend Nira Harding and her son, Nikko.

Growing up, Josh would always keep everyone on their toes. He was a social butterfly and would make friends wherever he would end up. He spent countless hours with his Grampa in the garage, as they had a shared passion for cars and tractors. He loved long talks and history lessons offered by his Grampa Larry and spending time with his Grandma in the gardens. Josh grew up having a close relationship with his grandparents. Nannie Corbett has expressed her heartbreak and just wishes she could see Josh walk through the door, go to the fridge then ask, “What’s for dinner?”

There was a side of Josh that was brilliant and artistic. He was always respectful and would never hang up the phone without saying “I love you.” Recently when he was asked to go see his grandmother, he arrived all dressed up for that special visit.

The other side of Josh was the wild child or the “Captain Jack Sparrow of Camping.” He would throw on his backpack loaded with survival stuff, blankets, tent and even a first aid kit. He was always prepared for his next journey.

Regardless of what he was up to, if you called Josh he was always there. He was “the kid with the tractor,” bringing out the hockey nets so others could play on the rink, and the young boy heading into the great outdoors to enjoy fishing or a long hike in nature.

Although Joshua’s journey on earth has ended, we know he is onto exploring another part of life, looking after the landscaping and flowers in Heaven until we can all be together again.

Arrangements have been entrusted with Essentials Cremation and Burial Services (905-354-2133). Cremation has taken place and his family will have a private celebration of life at a later date.

In memory of Joshua, the family has asked that memorial donations may be given to the Lincoln County Humane Society, as he adored all pets and would often bring home strays to take care of them.

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Nicole, Arabella, Gabriel and Broderick
1 year ago

My deepest condolences and sympathies for your loss Terry, Aunt Val, Uncle Larry and family. Sending love and prayers.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nicole, Arabella, Gabriel and Broderick
Mike Zambakkides
1 year ago

My heart aches for you all…

RIP Josh and God bless ❤️

Mike Zambakkides and family

John and Ronnet Meeboer
1 year ago

The family is in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. May God give you comfort and strength.

Vicky lohnes
1 year ago

He was always a great friend from back in the day and he will be missed by so many. I am so sorry to the whole family for your loss.

Rob Daniels
1 year ago

Words cannot express my sadness for you, Barb. I hope you and your family can find peace after Josh’s passing. I hope to see you and Vince up that way soon.

Clara Dedonato
1 year ago

Barb, Vince and Family
We are so very sorry to hear about Joshua’s passing. He sounded like a great boy. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family.
Barb and Vince thinking of you both during this difficult time and sending you all our love.

Clara, Peter and Vanessa

1 year ago

Linda and I would like to send our heartfelt condolences to the family.

Sylvie Anne Turgeon
1 year ago

May your happy memories give you peace and comfort during this challenging time. My heartfelt sympathy to you and yours.

In loving memory ...
I/we pledge to make a memorial donation.
Kari-Ann Allen
1 year ago

My deepest condolences to this entire family. Josh will be missed very deeply, his time here with us was nothing short of a treasure.

In loving memory ...
I/we pledge to make a memorial donation.
Émilie Lescos
1 year ago

All my thoughts are going to you, Barb, and your family. R.I.P Josh.

In loving memory ...
I/we pledge to make a memorial donation.
Roy Nunziato
1 year ago

Ian deeply saddened by your loss, my heartfelt condolences to you and Vince

In loving memory ...
I/we pledge to make a memorial donation.
Nancy Webb
1 year ago

Josh you have been taken from us far too soon. Will miss you but know that you will be happy keeping the gardens up there beautiful and hopefully they will have a tractor for you to use. To Josh’s family condolences to you. A part of your heart has been taken away until you meet again. R.I.P Josh…love you.

In loving memory ...
I/we pledge to make a memorial donation.


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