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Joseph A. Montgomery


Obituary of Joseph A. Montgomery

9 December 1922 – 20 April 2022

The song “I Did It My Way” was the anthem of Joe’s life.

He was passionate about fishing, fascinated with collecting rare Canadian stamps and dedicated to his career of bringing manufacturing businesses to the Niagara Region, Ontario and Canada.

This aspect of his life sent him to Europe, particularly Germany, many times with successful results. He was a pioneer in the profession now known as economic development.

He mentored many in this profession over the years and was a lifelong member and founding director of the Economic Development Council of Ontario and the Economic Development Association of Canada. He won the award of Economic Developer of the Year.

He taught fly tying and introduced fly fishing to many. At one time he held a world record for fresh water salmon and records for casting distances. He was a supporter of the St. Catharines Game and Fish Club and ran a salmon charter boat for years in Lake Ontario. Introducing fishing to young people gave him immense joy.

He is survived by his wife, Carol; children Randal, Susan and Marc; grandchildren, Sophie, David and Ariel; half sister, Sue Montgomery and fishing sons Manfred, Patrick and Kao.

Eternal thanks to Joe’s angels: Dora, Becky, Darlean, Samantha, Felicia and Rebecca.

A celebration of life will take place in mid-June.

I've finished life's chores assigned to me.
So put me on a boat headed out to sea.
Please send along my fishing pole
For I've been invited to the fishin' hole.
Where every day is a day to fish,
To fill your heart with every wish.
Don't worry, or feel sad for me,
I'm fishin' with the Master of the sea.
We will miss each other for a while,
But you will come and bring your smile.
That won't be long you will see,
Till we're together, you and me.
To all of those who think of me,
Be happy as I go out to sea.
If other's wonder why I'm missin'
Just tell'em I've gone fisnin'.

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Beverley Lenchyshyn
1 year ago

Thank you Susan for reaching out and letting me know about Joe’s passing. What a wonderful man he was! I met Joe in the 70’s when he was the Economic Director in Niagara Falls, in particular working with Germany. In later years we created his Fishing In Niagara Books as well as his annual Fishing Seminars. Fondest memories of an incredible man….
Thanks for the memories Joe…
Bev Lenchyshyn
Kramer Printing

1 year ago

Carol, Susan and Randy, I am so sorry for your loss, I will miss Joe so much, he will always hold a special place in my heart, as will all of you, I was blessed to have shared so many amazing memories with all of you in the 5+ years I was with you, he certainly made sure I would never forget him 🙂
Even though my heart is broken I still feel like he is watching out for me, I keep finding dimes in the most random places !!

Last edited 1 year ago by Rebecca
Gord Howard
1 year ago

I was Joe’s sports editor for a time at the Review. My sincere condolences on your loss. Joe’s visits to the newsroom were always pick-me-ups for the rest of us, with his enthusiasm and sense of humor. I know he had a dedicated following with his column. Rest in peace, Joe.

Kim (Gebhart)Bredin
1 year ago

To the family of Mr Montgomery
My most sincere condolences at the loss of your husband, father and grandfather.
I have so many memories of Mr Montgomery being at our house in Queenston. He was a wonderful friend to my father Bob Gebhart. I remember all the hunting trips, fishing trips and of course the cleaning and cooking of smelt from the Queenston docks. As a child I remember thinking that Joe was such a tall man with a huge presence!! I can hear his boisterous laugh coming from our garage and still smell his cigar smoke!! In fact I still have many of f the moose hunting pictures that were taken way up North!!
He was most certainly a wonderful friend to many.!!


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