In Loving Memory of

Joanna Rachelle Gosselin (née Barnes)

1979 - 2023

Obituary of Joanna Rachelle Gosselin (née Barnes)

Joanna Rachelle Gosselin has passed away on June 18, 2023 at the young age of 43 from incurable cancer. She is survived by her husband, Daniel Conrad Gosselin, her parents, Jonathan Barnes and Miriam Barnes, her brother Kevin Barnes (Lisanne), her niece Chloé Barnes and her nephew Jadon Barnes.

Joanna and her family believe the Bible’s promise at John 5:28: “Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice
29 and come out, . . .”

In keeping with Joanna's wishes, cremation has taken place. Family and friends are invited to a gathering on Sunday, July 2nd at the Delphi Banquet Hall, 4414 Portage Road, Niagara Falls. A slideshow of Joanna's life will be held at 3:45 p.m., followed by a memorial service at 4:15 p.m.

Service Information

Memorial Service

Date: July 2, 2023
Start Time: 4:15 pm
End Time:
Venue: Delphi Banquet Hall, 4414 Portage Road, Niagara Falls.
A slideshow of Joanna's life will be held at 3:45 p.m.

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Huguette Leduc
2 months ago

Dear Dan, Jonathan, Miriam, Kevin and families.
I wish I had the words to adequately describe the shock and sadness I feel for all of you. It is with sincere hope that the good memories of Joanna will help you through the difficult times to come. Although her time with us was short, her beautiful smile and wonderful spirit touch all of us for life.
My deepest sympathies to all of you

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George and Ethel Bodemer
2 months ago

Dear Gosselin and Barnes Families,

From our hearts to yours, we express our deepest sympathy for your great loss of a precious wife, daughter, sister, sister in law and aunt. She was truly a gem, a beautiful pearl, an inspiration to us all. She was precious to us all and especially to Jehovah for her record of faithfulness to him.

How comforting to have so many promises of the resurrection hope. Having shared them so often with others over the years, they will now take on a very special, deepened meaning for you as they touch your heart in a very personal way.

You are to be warmly commended for the self sacrificing love you showed in seeing to the best of your ability that your Joanna’s ongoing needs were cared for to the end. In doing so you followed the principle of Jesus wonderful example of “loving his own to the end”. John 13:1

Our prayer is that you will continue to experience the blessings of Jehovah at Isaiah 33:2; his favor, him being your hope, becoming your arm every morning and being your salvation in this time of distress.

Please be assured of our love for you; keeping you in our prayers, your brother and sister George and Ethel Bodemer

Jessica Sullivan
2 months ago

I was shocked to read of Joanna’s passing. A truly beautiful person inside and out with the most amazing smile that would light up a room. My condolences to you, Dan.

Michele+Concetta Fierimonte
2 months ago

Dear John and Miriam. Our condolences . May Jehovah comfort you in this time of grief for the loss of your dear daughter ❤️

Benjamin, Crystal, Gabriel Winch
2 months ago

Dear Barnes and Gosselin Families,

We share our sincerest condolences to you during this incredibly difficult time. It is heartbreaking to think that Joanna’s vibrant life has been cut short.

(I still remember her teaching me piano skills and songs. Her softness was so heartfelt… she was SO incredibly patient with me. I will always be grateful to her, and can’t wait to catch up in Paradise 💐)

It is only Jehovah himself who can provide the strength and comfort needed to fill the void in our hearts ♥️. We know that He is aware of your pain and sorrow, and He will be there to support us all. His promises, filled with love + compassion, offer a guiding light during this very sad time.

May Joanna’s memory forever be cherished, and may you find peace in Jehovah’s loving presence.

With deepest sympathies and warm regards,

Benjamin, Crystal Winch + Baby Gabriel Winch

In loving memory ...
I/we pledge to make a memorial donation.
Larry and Betty Ann Griffiths
2 months ago

To the Barnes and Gosselin families our most sincere condolences on
Joanna’s passing. I had known her for a very long time through my association with Dan. Joanna was a lovely caring person with an infectious smile who had kind words for all she met. She was truly a gift to all that had the good fortune to know her. We will keep you in our hearts.

Tamar Tridico
2 months ago

To the dear Barnes and dear Gosselin families, please accept our deepest condolences at this time. It is truly with disbelief that sweet Johanna’s life has been cut short. Thankfully her suffering is over but she is leaving behind many who loved her,, to now suffer in grief. Only Jehovah himself can fill the deep hole of this loss. He can and he will. May Jehovah’s promises comfort you and the love of our brotherhood help you to cope.
Sending tender love and hugs from Vancouver, BC from all of the Tridico family.

Ron and Kelly-Lynn Woodland
2 months ago

What a beautiful person she was. Her love for Jehovah and family was there for all to see. Her example in her fight was something to be admired. We look forward to welcoming that smile back to our lives. In the meantime we are keeping your family in our prayers. May Jehovah give you all the strength to endure this.

Mark & Wendy Wikston
2 months ago

We are so sorry for your loss.
So sad she was so young
She will Lovingly remembered for a long time.

Corina Townsend (Malysa)
2 months ago

I am so so so sorry for this large hole that is now in your hearts. Kevin just messaged me about the funeral and I am in such shock, I didn’t know she had been going thru such a battle. I’m sure Daniel that you were an amazing support for her to lean on. She was such a beautiful person inside and out and I was always thrilled to see her at assemblies and the couple years my niece lived beside you both. My heart goes out to all of you, and I wish I could give you all a big comforting hug💝 I will be longing to see her vibrant again in the new system too, but until that time I pray that Jehovah bind up your hearts and protect them till the day you can welcome her back into your arms💞

I’m sorry I can’t be there in person,
North Sydney, NS

Gord Mike Liz McLean
2 months ago

Will be sadly missed. She was a beautiful, caring woman who always had a beautiful smile. She touched many lives and we look forward to the day when Jehovah brings her back to life in the resurrection

Lydia Hampel
2 months ago

Joanna was a lady. I can’t think of her without thinking that word. It comes to mind instantly. She was like a rose with no thorns, rare and delicate. She touched many lives and hearts, and to the many heart broken out there who feel her loss go my condolences. Condolences is just not a good enough word, Joanna would have known the right one. If one even exists. I know she is safe in Jehovahs memory, and when she wakes, she will finally be able to enjoy an earth filled with love, grace and dignity, words that describe who she is perfectly. She was one of my best friends, and always will be.

Debbie Mair
2 months ago

Joanna was an amazing young lady . She always had a big smile and she always was an encouragement to so many She truly will be missed . With deepest sorrow to Dan and all the Barnes family . We will all wait patently to see her again .

Glenn & Muriel Berry- Halifax
3 months ago

It has come with suddenness and great sadness to us that someone so loved and devoted to Jehovah has battled for some time with serious health concerns. She is ‘resting in peace’ and it will be beyond our expectations to be reunited with loved ones as is promised in God’s Word…Job 14:14, 15.
Please be assured of our love to you, the Barnes & Gosselin families.

Douglas & Yanelis Williams
3 months ago

Our deepest sympathies to Daniel and the entire Barnes family. Joanna was always a bright and positive face in the congregation, and made everyone feel at ease with her caring personality. Keeping you all in our prayers.

FRED and Mona Naile in Georgia, USA
3 months ago

Sending our Deep Sympathy and love to the Gosslin and Barnes families. I never met Joanna but know she was a big part of the JW Family who are awaiting the resurrection to see all of our dear loved ones in the near future.

Derek and Caroline Liddon
3 months ago

Sending our love and thoughts to the family from Derek and Caroline from Australia. She will be dearly missed. We will keep you in our prayers, as hope in the God of all comfort.


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Note:  If you plan on making a donation, please notify the family by posting a condolence.

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