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What is a Green or Natural Burial?

A green or natural burial refers to returning a body to the earth as simple and with as little an impact on the environment as possible. For people who are mindful of the cyclical nature of life, a green or natural burial is a spiritually fulfilling alternative to conventional burial or cremation.

Principles of a Green or Natural Burial

  • The body is not embalmed.
  • The body may be wrapped in a natural garment or shroud.
  • If a casket is used, it is to be biodegradable and free of synthetic materials.
  • Concrete vaults/lines are not permitted.
  • The site is left to rejuvenate naturally (i.e Landscaping of the burial ground is minimal).

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Niagara’s Green and Natural Burial Provider

Green or natural burials vary from the traditional method by allowing the body to return back into the earth in its most natural state. This means that traditional embalming chemicals aren’t used and the burial casket will be made from a biodegradable material like cardboard or untreated wood, or even in a cloth shroud.

The choice you make is highly personal and there are many benefits to choosing a natural burial. Green burials have seen a rise in popularity in recent years.

Why Choose a Green or Natural Burial?

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
    Many people are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint and looking for ways to reduce it. A natural burial uses fewer resources and fossil fuels in comparison to a traditional burial or cremation, resulting in a favourable and smaller carbon footprint.
  • Reduced Costs
    Green burials may be more affordable than a conventional burial. This is mainly due to the fact that embalming isn’t used and the disposition process is often more simplistic. Caskets and shrouds made from eco-friendly materials can also be more affordable compared to traditional solid wood caskets.
  • Conserve Resources
    Traditional caskets are often made from wood and metal, but sourcing these materials uses a lot of energy. Precious woods like mahogany and cherry are often used as well and it can take decades to replenish these resources. By contrast, natural burials use caskets or shrouds made from biodegradable, eco-friendly materials like bamboo, cardboard, untreated wood or cloth.
  • Conservation Of Natural Habitats
    In a green burial, the body is allowed to naturally be returned to the earth. There are no individual gravestones. Natural habitats above ground remain undisturbed so that native flowers can continue to grow and trees can thrive.  Many people take comfort knowing that their loved one is buried in a beautiful, natural environment.

Considering a Natural Burial?

If you’re looking to arrange a green burial in the Niagara Region, contact us at Essentials Cremation and Burial Services as we are proudly leaders and experts within our profession! These types of burials are perfect for anyone who is passionate about the environment.

We will help create a meaningful farewell ceremony that is personal to your wishes and comforting to your family. For more information about our green burials, don’t hesitate to give us a contact us today.

Board Certified

Essentials is one of a select number of funeral establishments who meet the criteria for providing green funeral services by the Green Burial Council; a tax-exempt, non-profit organization working to encourage environmentally sustainability in the field of funeral service.

Home wakes, public visitations, church funerals and graveside services are options that may be arranged within an appropriate time frame. Essentials is also a proud supporter of the Green Burial Society of Canada and dedicated and volunteered time and professional expertise to the society over the past two years.

“Going green is not only a choice and a way of living, it’s a beautiful legacy and a way we can care for our planet after our death.” – Krystal Riddell
Managing Funeral Director/Owner

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Willow’s Rest Green Burial Section

Fairview Cemetery
4501 Stanley Avenue

When we bid farewell to a loved one, doing so in a manner that respects their values and the legacy they wish to leave for future generations must guide our decisions for burial and cremation.

Of growing interest in Ontario and across Canada is the option of green or natural burials, which provides for an environmentally friendly end of life approach. Willow’s Rest, a two acre naturalized wildflower and native grass meadow, surrounded by approximately one hundred and fifty trees and watched over by the very old weeping willow tree (namesake), is the Region’s first green burial section. It is also home to six large Monarch Butterfly pollinator gardens, one serving as the primary memorial garden in the centre of the wild flower meadow. Visitors to the section will also enjoy the many wood sculptures, benches and garden features.

In comparison to the traditional interment and memorialization options, a green or natural burial in a beautiful and natural environment provides tranquility for loved ones wishing to be at rest with nature. Some see this as significantly poignant and representative of the cycle of life, traversing us from nature to nature. In essence, the body is returned to the earth to nourish the plants and create beauty.

Aside from being a natural and environmental choice, it also offers a cost conscious option, which is something families consider when planning funeral arrangements. During this time, green burial may be one decision that feels like the natural choice, and is perhaps the option you know your loved one would be proud of being made on their behalf.




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