10 People or Less for Funerals During COVID-19

Last night the Province lowered the maximum number of individuals permitted at public events and social gatherings. Specifically, they have reduced the number of people attending funeral gatherings to 10. This is includes attending services at a cemetery (regardless of the space available).

These restrictions certainly can cause another layer of heartbreak for those family members who cannot have a chance to say goodbye. At Essentials, I promise we will always do anything possible to support your family through your difficult times.

If you are are not able to see or say goodbye to your loved one, we always encourage family members and friends to write letters to their loved one. Respecting your privacy, your letters won’t be read by anyone in our team. Your letter will be placed directly with your loved one prior to cremation or burial. Letters can be sent via email (with your family name in the subject field), or simply brought to Essentials (while maintaining appropriate social distancing).

For families wishing to do a funeral or graveside service, we will assist you with recording or streaming the service for other relatives to watch.

We are here to help and support you always ❤️ Remember these hard times will pass, and right now (more than ever) we need to stay safe, healthy and help #PlankTheCurve