Our family would like to bring our loved one’s urn to the cemetery for an interment. Do we have to use the services of a funeral director?

It is not mandatory that a funeral director is present for an interment. However, we would encourage our help and guidance. When we assist families with an interment, we can ensure that the cemetery has the proper paperwork, organize the cars and family members so they know where to [...]

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What happens if my loved one does not have a will?

If someone dies without a last will and testament, funeral establishments must follow a specific order in regard to the next of kin who would be in charge of completing funeral arrangements.  This order is as follows: 1) Spouse, including common law spouse 2) Adult children 3) Parents 4) Adult [...]

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Can I bring someone with me to make arrangements?

We would always encourage people to bring a friend or another family member to make funeral arrangements. This way, the information being shared is being heard by more than one person, the individual will feel supported when making their decisions, and they might even think of additional questions to ask. The additional [...]

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Is a visitation required?

Gatherings are not mandatory, but oftentimes families are comforted by being surrounded by their family and friends in their time of loss. These gatherings don't have to be held in a traditional funeral home. They can take place in a private residence, restaurant, hall, legion, winery, outdoor space, etc. [...]

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My loved one has passed away. What do I do next?

Regardless of the time, we would encourage you to call us so we can help give you guidance and support. If a call is placed to us outside of our office hours, our phones are sent to an after hours answering service. They will collect your contact information and [...]

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