Can cremated remains be sent in the mail?

Canada Post is the only mail service that will allow for mailing of cremated remains. Delivery within North America is permissible with supporting documentation. Some European countries prohibit the transportation of cremated remains via mail services. The most secure method of transportation for cremated remains is to have a [...]

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How do I know that this is my loved one’s ashes?

When someone passes away in a care facility, most of the time they have an identification band on them. Once they are brought into our care at Essentials, we place a "personal tracking form" directly with them. Family members are given the opportunity to see their loved one prior [...]

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Is embalming mandatory?

Embalming is not a mandatory procedure. Embalming is offered to all families and may be beneficial when families are looking to have a viewing, especially if that viewing is delayed a number of days after the deceased's passing. A family can still see their loved one without embalming taking [...]

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Do I need an urn?

​An urn is not required by law.  However, an urn may be desired if there is to be a memorial service or if the remains are to be interred in a cemetery.  If an urn is not purchased or provided by the family, the cremated remains will be returned [...]

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