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Caroline Bretti


Obituary of Caroline Bretti

Caroline Bretti
February 28, 1925 - June 5, 2020
A golden heart stopped beating. Hard working hands at rest. It broke our hearts to see you go, God only takes the best. They say the memories are golden, well maybe that is true, but we never wanted memories, we only wanted you. Your life was love and labour, your love for your family true. You did your best for all of us, we will always remember you. We sat beside your bedside, our hearts were crushed and sore. We did our duty to the end, ‘Til we could do no more. In tears we watched you sinking, we watched you fade away. And though our hearts were breaking, we knew you could not stay. Our lips cannot speak how we loved you, our hearts cannot tell what to say, but God only knows how we miss you, in our home that is lonely today. Love always, your family.

A special thank you to the team, doctors and nurses at Eventide Home, especially Major Renee, for their compassionate care and support. In memory of Caroline, memorial donations may be made to the Salvation Army Eventide Home. Online condolences may be shared on Caroline’s tribute page found at

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Jo-Ann Sacco
3 years ago

our prayers are with you Sorry for your loss sincerely Fred and Jo-Ann Sacco

.Luz vukmanich
3 years ago

So sorry for your loss love nieces Liz and Patty

Major Renee
3 years ago

To the Family of Sweet Caroline – I am very thankful that Eventide became Sweet Caroline’s home as I would never have gotten to meet her. She was quiet but her smile spoke volumes. I had many special moments with her particularly in these last 3 months. Thank you for sharing her with us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and thank you for being so devoted to her – I will miss the window visits with the family. Take care of each other and hold the memories dear to your heart.

Major Renee

Diane Kiers
3 years ago

I thought a lot of Caroline , she was a good friend & a Classmate. I’ll miss her,
Wo.uld talk or visit, at least once a year.

She always called, even when she was at her cottage, one year, she even found my cottage Phone Number……
I thought a lot of her, she was a good friend..

I will miss her !


Diane Kiers nee Montgomery
Class of 63


The family of Caroline Bretti would like you to consider placing a donation to one of the following charities:

Niagara Falls Lawson Eventide Home
Visit Site

Note:  If you make a donation, please notify the family by posting a condolence.

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