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Obituary of Alexis Adrienne Honey

It is with great sadness that the family of Alexis Adrienne Honey announces her sudden passing on Tuesday, May 25th, 2021. Alexis is survived by her mother Donna McEachern, sisters
Mary (Chris) Wigle, Kristyn Honey, Dallas Mulvale and her beloved canine companion, Charlie. Alexis was a cherished aunt to nephews Roman, Emanuel, Bennett and niece Megan. Alexis will be deeply missed by dear friends close and far.

Alexis was born June 4th,1982 in Hamilton, Ontario. Alexis attended St. Francis high school, Humber College and McMaster University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science and Nursing (BScN). Alexis’ honourable career took her to many places such as Africa, Texas, California, British Columbia, and Alberta, before settling back in Niagara. Alexis was a passionate and artistic soul who created beautiful art in various forms of painting, poems, photography and drawing. Alexis had an enormous heart which will continue to beat in all of the lives she touched.

Arrangements for Alexis have been entrusted to Essential Cremation and Burial Services. A celebration of Alexis’ life will take place on May 25, 2022 at 11:00am in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia this ceremony will be officiated by Reverend Brenda Clark. If you would like to attend this celebration of life please send all RSVPs to [email protected]. Online condolences can be shared at EssentiaslNiagara.com

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Maggie Albert
2 years ago

I’m in deep shock! Alexis was my first friend in Calgary and without her I would have left sooner. We became so close, she introduced me to her family and friends and I will cherish those memories forever. We had some fun times that’s for sure. When I came back to Australia distance seperated us but I always always remembered her generousity, beautiful laugh and her joy of life fondly. I love you dear friend and I can’t believe you’ve left us already. Miss you always! I wish we’ve spoken more often xx

Tyler Burrows
2 years ago

I am extremely saddened to hear this news. I don’t have any words. I have known Alexis since her Humber College days, and even though her travels may have separated us by distance it never separated our closeness. I love you Alexis. I should’ve told you that more.

Anna Hooper
2 years ago

Alexis and I were very close friends in Elementary school in Armstrong.
I will always remember her gentle nature, the way she could make anyone feel at ease, her beautiful smile.
We lost touch after we both moved away as kids, but I have thought about her often throughout the years.
One of my favourite memories with Alexis was at a sleepover at her house. She had one of those big buckets of Double Bubble Gum, the pink kind that comes with the confusing comics. Well we were trying to see how big we could get our wads of pink gum, when her Mom called us for dinner. We didn’t want to waste our gum, so we were trying to think where we could put it during dinner so we could continue to chew after. Well Alexis suggested we stash the gum wad behind our ears because then we wouldn’t lose them and they wouldn’t get stuck to any hard surfaces. Hahaha
After dinner Alexis was able to continue chewing hers, while mine was stuck in my hair! I remember Alexis’s Mom had to cut it out of my hair!
To this day every time my kids have some of that pink gum, I think about Alexis and I tell them that story fondly.

I am so sorry to hear of Alexis’s passing, she was such a beautiful soul inside and out.
I am sending Love and Light to her Mom, Sisters and family and friends.
I pray for comfort for her family and friends.

2 years ago

I had the great pleasure of meeting Alexis at likely our first jobs at Harvey’s at about age 16. I was petrified of our boss and some of the older workers. Alexis was my saving grace and I will always remember how special she was. Her softness and purity was noticeable and true.
I feel blessed to have known Alexis. I hope you’re in eternal beauty.

Chiara C
2 years ago

I worked with Alexis at BC women’s NICU for a few years. She was a sensitive, loving person – right away we bonded. We had great chats and supported each other in the NICU. She always had the right thing to say. She was a wonderful, caring nurse and human being. I am so very saddened to hear of her passing.
I am sending my deepest condolences to her family.

Cynthia S.
2 years ago

I have known Alexis for only a short time since she was hired and started working as a Nurse at the City of Hamilton, Public Health Vaccine Clinics. I’m saddened to hear of her passing. My deepest condolences to her family.

Liliana M.
2 years ago

On behalf of the ONA Local 50 Public Health members, our sincerest and deepest condolences to the family.

Toni Nicholls (Bensmiller)
2 years ago

My most sincere condolences to her family. Alexis was one of my closest friends in Elementary School in Armstrong, and we reconnected in the age of Social Media. I am heartbroken to hear of her passing. Much love to her sisters, and mom and extended family. She was such a beautiful person in every way.

Nancy Davidson-Hinds
2 years ago

I was so saddened by the news of Alexis passing. I worked with her at the vaccine clinic at First Ontario Centre. Alexis shared many nursing stories about her different experiences and travels. She was always smiling and cheerful. My condolences to her family and friends. She will be missed.

Justine S.
2 years ago

My sincere condolences to Alexis’ family. I’m so saddened to learn of Alexis passing. She was such a lovely, happy soul who embraced everything life had to offer. She loved working as a nurse and it was a privilege to work beside her.
She adored her companion, Charlie. He will miss her immensely!
RIP Alexis. You will be missed by so many!

Roya P
2 years ago

My Dear Alexis, I will miss you greatly. Your sense of humor that always put me and those around you in a better mood. Your warm heart, your passion for your patients and those in your life will always be remembered. You left us too heart-breakingly soon.

Trina N
2 years ago

Alexis, you are loved so much more than you could imagine. I am speechless and deeply saddened by your passing. May you Rest In Peace. Sending love to all that are mourning the loss of such a warm and loving soul. Thank you for all the memories; it was a privilege to work beside you and to learn from you. The heart you poured into your patients was unparalleled. Miss you 🕊💕 may you Rest In Peace

Monica S
2 years ago

Alexis…a complete shock you’re gone. While it had been a long time since we spoke, I can still remember your contagious laugh….we had a lot of laughs together. You were always wise beyond your years and such a caring soul. Sending so much love to everyone that is hurting during this heartbreaking time. Xoxo

2 years ago

My dearest Alexis-we connected right away, we shared so much, good and bad, we cried and laughed together-you are no longer with me in a physical sense but you will always be with me, you got me, and l am eternally grateful to have been a part of your life, l will miss you dearly….❤️

Stefanie L.
2 years ago

I am absolutely shocked and greatly saddened by this news. I had worked closely with Alexis since she started at BC Women’s Hospital NICU. She was just a wonderful, kind and funny soul. Alexis would tell me hilarious stories of her past adventures. But, most of all, we’d share a common bond in music and our dogs. Alexis just adored Charlie. I’m going to miss you Alexis. Thank you for being a part of my life. My heart goes out to your family during this time of great sadness❤️

Danielle West
2 years ago

I am so, so sorry to hear this. I spent many night shifts by Alexis’ side at BCWH in the NICU. She was my work buddy, always offering me a helping hand, the best life advice, and a good laugh. Alexis had a heart of pure gold. She was a wonderful, wonderful person. I am thinking of your family during this hard time and sending you love and light <3 🙁

Kiron P
2 years ago

Sorry for your loss, prayers and hugs for all. I worked with Alexis at BCWH and she was a compassionate and great nicu nurse. She was also my locker buddy and always had a goodie bag of snacks. I lost touch with her once she left but did think about her often. This news is very upsetting and I am truly sorry 💔😥🙏RIP Alexis 🙏

2 years ago

I recently met Alexis working at the vaccine clinic and during the short time of knowing her, she has been friendly, warm, and lovely. Her bubbly personality shined everyday and it was a pleasure to meet and work with her. My condolences to her family during this time. Alexis, may you rest in peace.

Kristi F.
2 years ago

Such a heartbreaking loss. My deepest condolences to all of Alexis’s family and friends. We worked together in the NICU at BC Woman’s Hospital. I remember her fondly telling me all about her recent travel and all the places she had worked. Rest in peace Alexis.

Kristi F. ~BC Woman’s NICU~

2 years ago

It was so nice meeting a fellow Canadian when I first moved to Texas back in 2009. Alexis was so fun to be around. So sad to hear. My condolences to her family and friends xo

Julie Y
2 years ago

I worked with Alexis for a short time, at the vaccine clinic,she was a joy to work with and be around, I enjoyed hearing her travel stories in nursing ,she was a beautiful person inside and out, who will be greatly missed. Sending thoughts and prayers to her family, Rest in peace Adrienne

Peg M
2 years ago

So very sorry for your loss. She will be dearly missed by all who knew her .
Peg M
BC Women’s NICU

2 years ago

I knew Alexis for a short time working with her at the vaccine clinic in Hamilton. We shared stories from our nursing careers and I always enjoyed our conversations. I really loved working with Alexis at the clinic. Alexis was such a beautiful person and she will be greatly missed.

2 years ago

Hello to Alexis’ family and friends. This is such shocking and heartbreaking news. Sending all my love in such a difficult time.
-BC Womens co-worker, Mellisa Knox

Jasmeen Munjf
2 years ago

This has come as a complete shock!! I can’t even begin to say what an amazing person you were Alexis Adrienne. You were such an amazing nurse and such an amazing friend to me. You will be so greatly missed!!! May your soul Rest In Peace. Sending so much heartfelt condolences to your family and so much love and prayers to you. Love you long time girl. Until we meet again ❤️❤️❤️😢😢😢♥️♥️♥️

2 years ago

There are no words to describe the kind of pain that her absence has left behind. Her precious smile and caring spirit will be forever missed in this world. She touched the lives of so many people and it is a tragedy to lose someone so full of life and love. She was such an intellectual and intelligent woman, as well as an avid artist who enjoyed expressing herself through various mediums. Through the years she became more like a sister and not just a friend, and I am beyond devastated to know I’ll never be able to hear her voice again. I pray that one day we’ll meet again, and find solace in knowing that she is finally resting in peace and that Heaven’s gates have opened for her (where she will only encounter joy). May your memory be honoured in the most precious ways. I will miss you more than you will ever know Lexus.

2 years ago

I’ve only recently met Alexis through work but in such a short time, it was very obvious the type of person she was – caring, smart, brave, and kind. I’m sending all my love to those who knew and loved Alexis and to you Alexis – may you rest in peace. Your spirit will continue to shine bright down here. You are and will be missed.

2 years ago

We know Alexis loved Charlie so much and was devastated by the loss of her darling cute doggie. We also know she was a warrior who tried to break patterns. She loved and cared for her patients in the best ways. She was so smart, left others feeling loved, and she saw truths. We only wish we could hold her and tell her she was so worthy of all the love in the world. We love her, and we hear her contagious laugh echoing today.

2 years ago

It is with great sadness that I extend my deepest sympathy to my dear friend Donna and her girls, Mary, Kristyn and Dallas. I had the pleasure of being with Alexis four times. Each time I could feel her special spirit; always kind, always attentive, always giving of herself. A pleasure to be around her. My heart breaks. And I am so sad that more people will miss knowing this special person. Alexis, I wish you peace and happinesses. Love Grace

2 years ago

I have known Alexis for only a short time since we started working at the vaccine clinic. She was a wonderful nurse, a friendly and kind woman and I truly enjoyed our conversations. It was my pleasure to have met her even for a short period. My deepest condolences to her family.

2 years ago

Our hearts and prayers are with everyone . We are thinking of everyone thru this difficult time. Our deepest sympathies for the family and everyone that was close to Alexis..

2 years ago

I worked with Alexis only a few shifts for the city and saw an amazing woman with hopes and dreams for the future. It is so sad that she will not realize them. I pray for peace for Alexis’ family during this difficult time.

Linda & Michael Conroy
2 years ago

Deepest condolences to you Donna and all of the family. Such a beautiful girl gone far too soon. We were so happy to have known her. A big hole is left in our hearts. Love from Linda and Michael Conroy.

Christina Goudard
2 years ago

So sad to lose such a sweet person. I hope she’s at peace.

Peggy Inverso
2 years ago

I am so sorry to all the family and friends who are missing that sweet smile! I remember her sweet disposition as a child when she stayed with us! Hugs to everyone!

Ashley T
2 years ago

Sending our condolences to the family of Alexis. We are so sorry for your loss. Let she find peace and happiness where she is. Love Ashley, Brad & Leia


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